Commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and support for local development

Since we decided to renovate the caves in 2022, we set a goal: a commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and support for local development. 
At Cuevas El Atochal Orígenes we are fully aware of the need to practice responsible tourism and take care of the environment. We adopt sustainability measures that help minimize the environmental impacts of our activity, such as reducing energy and water consumption. We implement ecological solutions such as toilets with low-capacity tanks and peralizers on the taps, which reduce the flow without losing comfort, all in line with the principles of ecotourism.
We know that tourism, when carried out in a sustainable way, can contribute significantly to the local development of our territory. Therefore, we encourage our clients to join this commitment to sustainability, making responsible use of water and energy.
At Cuevas El Atochal Orígenes, we have assumed a series of commitments to the conservation of biodiversity and the local development of the Granada Geopark and the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, standing out in the field of ecotourism:
- We are associated with the Sierra de Baza Project, a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion and defense of the Sierra de Baza from a sustainable development perspective.
- We strive to recover and protect the native flora and fauna, as well as the architectural, archaeological and historical heritage of the region, and the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of the Sierra de Baza.
- We collaborate with the GRANADA GEOPARK to promote knowledge about the geological environment, its flora and fauna, aligning ourselves with ecotourism practices.
- We encourage the use of non-polluting vehicles, such as bicycles, and we are members of the BIKEFRIENDLY association, which positions us as an ideal destination for nature-conscious clients and sports lovers.
- We prioritize the use of regional products, gastronomy and companies in all our activities, supporting KM0 products and promoting the local economy under the concept of responsible tourism.